Load Roster

Click Load Roster to load Internet Advancement with your unit's roster from the council. You must click Load Roster each time you log in after submitting a report to obtain your unit’s current roster information.

Internet Advancement data must be refreshed regularly

To get the greatest benefit from Internet Advancement, your unit needs to have current information from the local council.  To have updated data you need to do the load roster process.  Load Roster is required after each submittal but it may also be done to obtain a current unit roster or advancement records.

Internet Advancement has a process which regularly resets the unit to load roster if a roster is loaded but has no activity for 45 days.  If a roster is loaded for seven days and no ranks or awards are entered, the process also resets this unit data.

Upon log in, if the data was reset, you will load the roster or upload an advancement file to begin processing advancement.  If you only want to view or print a report, do Start Over before you log out.  This will guarantee you will see the latest information when you next log in and load unit information.

If you are using unit-management software, you can upload advancement information directly from the application, instead of entering it manually. Please see Upload Advancement File for more information.

It may take a few minutes to load your roster, depending upon the size of your unit.

Handling Error Messages

If you receive an error message when loading data, contact your local council and provide the following information to the council contact person:


  • The information in the message.  You can copy and paste the error message into an e-mail.

  • Unit type (pack, troop, etc.)

  • Unit number